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Price List

Sessions and Fees

We open all year from 8am – 6pm. Not including bank holidays. These fees are correct as of April 2023

Full Day £63 8–6 including breakfast, lunch and tea and snacks
Morning session £38 8–1 including breakfast, snack and lunch
Afternoon session £36 1–6 including snack and light tea
Short day sessions £52.50 8-3, 9-4, 10-5, 11-6
Early bird start £6 7.30–8am

Additional extras (funded children only)

Breakfast £1.50
AM Snack 50p
Lunch £2.50
PM Snack 50p
Tea £2.00

Hourly charge £7.50 (this is for any late pick up charges or extra hours on top of funding)