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Parrots is our preschool room and can take a maximum of 61 children. The room is divided into lots of different areas; a quiet area for reading or listening to stories, craft area, role play area, construction area and also small world. We have table top activities available if the children want, and then these tables are used for meal times. We have a set area for Maths and Literacy; as well as set times to do focus activities with the children on these topics.

There is also a quiet room which pre-school use during the day, and at 4pm our after school children use the room. This room is used for smaller group activities, 1:1 activities, ICT with the computers, as well as a range of toys for the children to access.

Parrots also has a free-flow outdoor area with a fixed awning over one side, providing ideal all-weather play opportunities. This area is often set up with water play, sand play, chalkboards and tents for the children to play in and around.

Parrots room changes regularly due to the activities it offers; and always includes periods of small group work where practitioners work closely with your child to encourage their learning, listening and turn-taking.

At this age and stage of development, children are preparing to go to school. All children aged 3 at the start of the term receive up to 15 hours of funding a week, with some eligible for 30 hours of funding per week. This funding can be used within the nursery.

The children of Parrots room can access Swimming lessons as part of their nursery experience, for a small fee. They also have access to French lessons at no extra cost.