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Penguins (Birth to 18 months)

Penguins is our room for children aged 0-18 months. Children here are nurtured and cared for by a small group of practitioners with specialist baby room qualifications and experience. Children in this room are encouraged to attempt to get into a routine of eating and sleeping with the rest of the children in this age group, as well as getting more involved in adult-led activities to promote learning. We do however, ensure that your child is cared for in the way which suits your individual child and take on board your routines and preferences. There is an outdoor space specially catered for babies with soft flooring, sand pits and low level toys for them to explore.

There is also a sensory room which doubles as a sleep room for those children who need to sleep in darker rooms during the daytime. The sensory room has child friendly button activated fans, star wall, projector, ultraviolet light, bubble tube, sound activated lights and much more.

Penguins’ room can take a maximum of 15 children at any one time.